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How We Bottle Milk


IMG_4078 We often get asked how we bottle our milk.  Our process is pretty simple! Once the milk is cooled in the cooling tank, it is poured into freshly cleaned bottles and capped immediately. A video of our bottler operation in action is available on our Facebook page.

We are very grateful for so many blessings we have enjoyed throughout this year. We appreciate every person who has tried our milk and shared it with their friends. From everyone of us at Daloris Dairy, THANK YOU! Please come out and visit Dale in his store, he wants to remind everyone that we have about a quart of cream to every gallon of milk for you to enjoy with your families this Thanksgiving week. Cream for gravies, caramels, whipped toppings, whatever you wish to grace your table with. Again, thank you!

Come visit our dairy and pick up some of this fresh milk between 3pm-6pm Monday through Saturday.  We have it available in glass half gallon bottles, or plastic gallons(as seen below). You won’t regret the visit!


Daloris Dairy and Cow Care This Winter

IMG_E3210There’s something unearthly beautiful about jersey calves, and it’s difficult to capture it fully in a picture. With careful attention to breeding dates and cow care, we get to enjoy newborn calves all year round and count it as a great blessing. With the weather turning into the wet and cold characteristic of early winter, our calves need extra attention to stay warm, dry and healthy. Doris, who has been raising every calf for the dairy since it started over 30 years ago, keeps a watchful eye as she feeds them night and morning, and often returns several times throughout the day to care for any that are under the weather or questionable.

Some measures that she takes to keep the calves comfortable are placing warm calf jackets on them, keeping them bedded in dry straw, and providing them with a well balanced diet to keep them strong. They are each housed individually at first before graduating to group housing after a few months. At all times, they have access to shelter to stay out of the weather, as well as hay and a special mix of grains and minerals to maintain optimum health.

IMG_8767 The calves born in this colder weather have longer, thicker fur than those born in the summer time. As Dale manages the breeding of the cows, he does his best to keep the cows from delivering their calves in the coldest part of the winter.  But it seems every year there are one or two that come as a surprise at the coldest time possible, and we get to utilize special procedures to care for the cow and calf.  We have heat lamps, blankets, seemingly endless supply of straw, and nutrient rich colostrum to get the calf off to a great start.  We enjoy every cow and getting to be a part of her life from the very beginning throughout all her days. Come by the dairy and feel free to ask questions, we love talking about our cows!

Who Missed the Cows?


Who missed the cows? Summer is over and we are moving our milk store BACK to the dairy starting Monday September 18, 2017! We have thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated Manwaring Cheese housing our milk for these months but are excited to be seeing our customers again. Our regular hours will be 3:00pm – 6:00pm Monday through Saturday and any other time by appointment. Please feel free to call or text us at 208-709-8702.
Thank you for your support through the summer and and we are excited to be seeing you again!

July 2016 Struggles

We at Daloris Dairy are currently working to remedy the problems we have currently been faced with.  We pride ourselves on producing only the best possible milk and will not sell it if it doesn’t meet up to standards.  We will update the Facebook page and this website when the situation changes.

Some of the Girls at the All Utah Spring Show 2016

All Utah Spring Show 2016

Daloris Dairy had the opportunity to take seven exceptional cows and heifers to the All Utah Spring Jersey Show.  A highlight of the show was Daloris Sparkler Ashley was awarded Intermediate Champion, and Reserve Grand, as a Junior 2 year old.

Daloris Sparkler Ashley, Junior 2 Year Old

Daloris Sparkler Ashley, Junior 2 Year Old, Reserve Grand


Two Heifers, Junior 2, Senior 2, and Aged Cow. Doris was fabulous in the show ring!


The night before Show Day, all the cows were milked and bedded so they are as comfortable as possible.

Before showing, Dale waters each cow.  These cows are hand raised and groomed to be great.

Before showing, Dale waters each cow. These cows are hand raised and groomed to be great.

Our Aged Cow was Reserve Senior Champion.

Daloris Dairy’s  Aged Cow was Reserve Senior Champion.

Aged Cow

She was a big trooper.  She is due to go dry in a few weeks, yet she still showed her true excellence in the show ring.

The Senior Champion class was tough, but Daloris's aged cow was so tall Dale couldn't see over her.

The Senior Champion class was tough, but Daloris’s aged cow was so tall Dale couldn’t see over her. (Middle cow).


The show presented an opportunity to meet some great Jersey and Holstein Breeders.  Every cow at that show was exceptional, and it was an honor to have Daloris Dairy cows show alongside them.


Chocolate Truffle

Better then fudge! These truffles, or “triffles” as Doris put on her recipe card were delectable. Fudge is a favorite, but these were even better then fudge, they were soft, creamy and melted in your mouth. Of course fresh butter and Daloris Jersey Dairy cream make them even better then any store bought ingredients could.

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She's a future milk maker!

Meet Daloris Dairy’s Jersey Mule Calf

In 2015, we were blessed with many healthy heifer calves.  All of which were born with the gorgeous look of a newborn deer, which is typical of the Jersey breed.  With their black noses and soft tan fur, they could possibly be mistaken for a deer fawn.  But, one of our calves came looking a little more like a mule deer, than the rest.  We call her Daloris’s Doe.


This is our Jersey heifer who looks a little special.

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