Easy Five Minute Cheese Curds


Do you like cottage cheese, cheese curds or feel adventurous enough to press your own little bit of farmer cheese? Or are you completely out of ideas of what to make with all your left over buttermilk after making all that delicious butter? Just make it into curd! All it takes is a little souring agent, like vinegar or whatever you desire, and heat. Simply place your soured buttermilk in a pan and heat it up while stirring and you can see the magic happen. Once the curds developed, they can be strained in a colander with a cheese cloth (or a cotton cloth will do) and rinsed with water. Add cream and salt to desired taste, if your goal is cottage cheese, and you are done!

*The picture above is just the curd after being rinsed, and maybe pressed a little too much but can still be crumbled for cottage cheese.

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