Q: Can we just buy the milk and not use the Daloris Dairy bottles?
A: We need to sell the milk in our own bottles to compliant with the laws in the state of Idaho.  We try to minimize cost and ecological foot print by using reusable glass bottles.  The three dollar deposit is to encourage guests to return the glass bottles for further use.

Q:Why are glass bottles better?
A: Glass bottles keep the milk tasting fresh because it doesn’t have the plastic taste that the usual milk jugs leach into the milk.  They are also reusable.

Q: What do I do with the cream from the milk?  Is it safe to drink?
A: There are a number of things you can use the cream for.  You can drink it, it adds to the richness and full nutrients of the milk.  You can also cook with it, make whipped cream, or butter.  The best way that we have found to separate it from the milk is to let the milk sit in the fridge for an hour or so to let it separate, then suck it off with a turkey baster or syringe.  We have a few families who pour the milk into “sweet tea jars”, because they like the handy pour spout at the bottom of the jar.  So when the cream separates, their kids can simply pour milk from the bottom spout and the cream can be utilized however they want when the milk is gone.

Curious cows love putting their noses into everyone's business!

Curious cows love putting their noses into everyone’s business!

Q: If I buy multiple gallons, can I get a discount?
A: We are thankful for your loyalty and love of Jersey milk, but the price is set by the cost of feed and milking with very little mark up to help save everyone money.

Q: How long does this milk last?
A: Some people say two weeks is the average shelf life for raw milk. We encourage you to drink it within 7 or so days after it has been bottled for optimum freshness.  We write the date that it was bottled on the cap.