Making Yogurt with Doris

MMmm Peaches

MMmm Peaches

You have all the power when you make your own yogurt, whether you like it thick greek style or thinner smoothie style, you can experiment and find exactly what you want.  Doris Mortimer has mastered yogurt making to fit the tastes of her family.  The secret to all the best yogurts is using the best ingredients.   We, of course, start with raw milk from Daloris Jersey Dairy.  Here’s how Doris makes her yogurt:

1 Quart Daloris Dairy Raw Milk (I use my buttermilk after making butter)
1/4 Cup Powder Milk (I prefer older powdered milk, but either works)
2 Tablespoons Cream (Optional to make a creamier yogurt)

1. Heat milk and cream uncovered over low heats, stirring occasionally until 180 degrees F  (Do not let boil).  If milk is brought up to temperature too quickly the bottom will scald.

2. If a skin has formed, remove it and then let the rest cool down to 110 or 115 degrees F.

3. Add powdered milk and 1 teaspoon yogurt starter to the milk.

4. Transfer yogurt into glass or plastic containers and let sit with towel around it in a cold oven (Or any insulated container like a cooler) to maintain temperature of 100 degrees F for 4-10 hours (the longer it sits the stronger or more tart your yogurt will be.)

5. You can eat warm, or put it in the fridge and let it cool down and serve cold, approximately 8 hours.

*Notes and tips
– Doris prefers not to use any metal utensils or containers besides the pan she heated the milk in.  The metal may interfere with the bacteria cultures.

– Here is a link to making greek style yogurt in a crock pot


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