She's a future milk maker!

Meet Daloris Dairy’s Jersey Mule Calf

In 2015, we were blessed with many healthy heifer calves.  All of which were born with the gorgeous look of a newborn deer, which is typical of the Jersey breed.  With their black noses and soft tan fur, they could possibly be mistaken for a deer fawn.  But, one of our calves came looking a little more like a mule deer, than the rest.  We call her Daloris’s Doe.


This is our Jersey heifer who looks a little special.


This is what young Jersey heifers look like from Daloris Dairy. Pretty cute!

This is what our jersey calves usually look like.

IMG_8790But our Doe is just as cute as the rest.  She frolics and hops a little lighter than the rest, as if she wants to appear more dainty and deer like.

When summer comes, she will be out on pasture with the rest of the heifers, and in two years she will hopefully have a calf of her own.  She will be happy to see visitors with the rest when summer comes!


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