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Chocolate Truffle

Better then fudge! These truffles, or “triffles” as Doris put on her recipe card were delectable. Fudge is a favorite, but these were even better then fudge, they were soft, creamy and melted in your mouth. Of course fresh butter and Daloris Jersey Dairy cream make them even better then any store bought ingredients could.

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She's a future milk maker!

Meet Daloris Dairy’s Jersey Mule Calf

In 2015, we were blessed with many healthy heifer calves.  All of which were born with the gorgeous look of a newborn deer, which is typical of the Jersey breed.  With their black noses and soft tan fur, they could possibly be mistaken for a deer fawn.  But, one of our calves came looking a little more like a mule deer, than the rest.  We call her Daloris’s Doe.


This is our Jersey heifer who looks a little special.

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Our favorite breakfast!

Summer Morning Peaches and Cream

Our favorite breakfast!

Our favorite breakfast at Daloris Dairy!

Peaches and strawberries have been on sale lately at local grocery stores (i.e. Smiths, Albertsons’, Winco and Broulims). Now is a great time to try fruit and cream, using real cream that’s fresh from Daloris Dairy. If you are planning on drizzling some honey over your peaches and cream, we encourage you to support local business and get your honey either from Manwaring Cheese on County Line road, or from Cox’s honey or Brownings Honey.
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